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    The objectives of sharing this moment


    1. Sharing doubts and concerns

    Tired parents very often feel the need to share their experience with someone who understands exactly what they are facing. They seek to immerse themselves in a climate of trust and non-judgmental listening.


    2. Getting to know each other

    In order to take a comprehensive view of your current situation and to understand to what extent I can help you, I always have an open and honest dialogue with parents like you. I need to know you and your child. Moreover, our conversation will help me to understand the family dynamics and learn about the environment in which your child evolves. This way, I evaluate if my method would suit you, your parenting philosophy and your kid’s temperament.


    3. Identifying the challenges to address

    Thanks to this first consultation, I will have a better idea of the issues you are currently facing. From this starting point, I could already consider a set of solutions to include in your Sleep Project.

    They already live the dream of sleeping through the night

    5 powerful reasons why you should believe I can help you


    You get informed advice from the Sleep Influencer.


    Your child will sleep a lot better within 14 days (and you will too).


    You can stand by your child during the learning process and offer all the necessary comfort, decreasing the likelihood of tears raining down his/her cheeks.


    You are provided with a personalized Sleep Project. All content will be developed based on your child’s age, his temperament, the challenges to overcome and your objectives.


    You get on-demand support at every stage of the process to encourage patience, perseverance and consistency, guaranteeing the sleep-training success.