How Dodo Coaching can help your child sleep better


Why does my child have trouble sleeping?

There are several reasons why your child may be sleep-resistant for a daytime nap or a full night’s sleep. If we exclude physical discomfort (e.g. teething, hunger, colic or ear infection), it could be that your little one has so much trouble falling asleep because he is anxious to get separated from you. He feels a great need for security and comfort.

The problem is that if Baby does not sleep, Mom and Dad either. Many tired parents are desperate to find a solution to help their child sleep through the night.


How can a Sleep Expert help your child sleep through the night?

When your child wakes you up systematically at night, or even several times a night, your first reaction is probably to question relatives or carry out some research on the Internet to find seemingly satisfying answers. But your child is unique in every way. A method that showed great results for a loved one’s child may not work the same way for your kid. Each has its own sleep.

Do you feel like you have tried everything? Are you running out of solutions? The mission of Dodo Coaching is to offer each family effective and tailor-made solutions to teach a child to self-soothe to fall asleep with ease. My role as a Sleep Expert is to provide real support and the best advice throughout the whole learning process.


How does Dodo Coaching work?


A free consultation

To help you in your quest for more sleep, I start by listening to your story. We focus on how you feel, the challenges you face at bedtime and how sleep deprivation affects your daily life.


A customized Sleep Project

Thanks to the information provided and after our second consultation, I analyze the identified disruptive factors. For each problem there is a solution. I create a personalized Sleep Project, which includes both the sleep diagnosis and solutions. This latter combines positive sleep techniques to put in place to reach satisfying results.

These include, amongst others, the Mobilis aiming to minimize crying at bedtime, tips to remove negative sleep associations and a daily schedule based on the age and the needs of your child. The Sleep Project gives you all the answers you need to soothe your little one, help him fall asleep on his own and especially teach him to sleep through the night and during naps.


On-demand support

Throughout our mutual Project, I remain at your disposal to ease your doubts, answer your questions and ensure the smooth running of the whole process. We keep in close contact with each other by phone, email or text message as often as necessary. I will provide all the help you need to achieve your goals.