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As a Sleep Expert for babies and children, I offer guidance to help your family
get a good night’s sleep in only 14 days.


Revealing figures


of sleep are lost by new parents in their baby’s first year


are enough to teach a child to sleep without Mom or Dad


of parents confirm sleeping through the night again after less than 2 weeks of sleep coaching


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Your child struggles to fall asleep?

Behavioral sleep issues occur frequently, affecting approximately 25% of children. What type of sleeper is your little one?






Crying episodes


Multiple awakenings


Early awakening

Together, we can teach your child to put himself to sleep!


Actively listening to offer the best support

As a Sleep Expert I first and foremost act as your trusted partner. Together, we can work towards your goals. During the first consultation, I tune in with all my attention to understand your current situation, your needs, and your expectations. I attach great importance to active and non-judgmental listening.


Analyzing the challenges to address

Your child, with his temperament, strengths, and limitations, is a unique little creature. Since no two cases are alike, it may be difficult to identify the causes of his sleep problems. Thanks to our conversations, you will have the opportunity to ask questions about your child’s sleep. Together, we will identify the reasons causing restless sleep and find ways to fix it.


Guiding you with informed advice

As there is no standardized approach to help your child fall into the arms of Morpheus, we will develop together a customized Sleep Project. It describes in detail the combination of solutions tailored to your child and your parenting style. They will be based on principles resulting from scientific research, recommendations from renown pediatric institutions and my past experiences.


Applying a positive sleep-training method to guarantee your well-being

Letting your child cry it out can be heartbreaking. To avoid feeling stressed, anxious or defeated, I developed the Dodo Coaching sleep-training method. It is a direct application of positive learning principles. We will solve the sleep troubles without creating deep frustrations for you nor your child. The learning process consists of a series of steps, all designed to teach your kid to self-soothe and gently fall asleep without your assistance.

They already live the dream of sleeping through the night


Priscilla Domicent, Sleep Influencer

We dream about appreciating every moment of parenting. Especially in the first months of your baby’s life should be remembered as great moments. However, exhaustion can sometimes interfere with our ability to express and experience joy. That’s what happened to me. While living in Manhattan with our first daughter born prematurely, my husband and I went through a long period of chaotic nights. I felt drained, developed chronic fatigue and looked like a zombie.

After 5 months of mental wandering and physical tiredness, I desperately wanted to find my energy back and bond more with my baby. So, I looked for solutions.

My friends? They did not have children. I was the first in my group to go through this life stage.

My family? Everyone lived on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. As much as they wanted to help out, distance made it impossible for us to get the needed support and their much-needed presence.

Google? Whose advice should I follow? How do doctors or bloggers know what is best for my daughter?

I have always been passionate about the mystical world of sleep and dreams (it’s not surprising that, in my childhood, my nickname in the Scouts was “marmot”!). Frustrated in my attempt to find a suitable solution to end my sleep deprivation, I decided to question sleep specialists myself. And, after only 5 days of sleep training, my daughter slept through the night.


When meeting other parents, I quickly realized that sleep was a key topic. At their request, I shared my findings and talked about my experience. Ill-informed parents were challenging me to understand which solutions would suit their child best. To provide truly useful advice to tired parents, I decided to undertake the Gentle Sleep Coach® training in the United States.

Since then, I advise parents around the world to get back in control of their life thanks to uninterrupted sleep. In my opinion, watching my girls sleep peacefully is the best spectacle in the world. This pushes me to help other Moms and Dads put in place an adequate and sustainable sleep hygiene for their child. Everybody deserves a good night’s sleep!



Have a look at the combinations of services that are available. During the first consultation, we can evaluate which package best suits your needs and expectations.








Do you have questions about your child’s sleep? Check out my blog to find tons of reliable information to better understand concepts such as sleep habits or positive sleep association. Discover practical DIY solutions to solve your child’s sleep troubles… and much more.