7 Undisputable Reasons to Hire A Certified Sleep Coach

There is nothing in life as rewarding as raising children. From the first moment you lay eyes on your little one, your heart is filled with a love you have never experienced before. But with this overwhelming love comes another emotion, almost equally as strong, overwhelming responsibility. It can be easy to feel both ill-prepared and buried in the responsibility of trying to do everything “right”. Maybe the greatest struggle, with children from infancy throughout childhood, is sleep.

Sleep Myth #1: Teething Always Disrupts a Baby’s Sleep

I can’t recall the number of times I have heard parents blaming teething for their baby’s sleep disruptions; there have been so many cases. Yes, teething can be painful and cause nighttime wakenings. However, teething is rarely a routine buster. Teething can definitively interfere with your baby’s sleep, but far less than what you probably anticipate or believe.