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7 Undisputable Reasons to Hire A Certified Sleep Coach

There is nothing in life as rewarding as raising children. From the first moment you lay eyes on your little one, your heart is filled with a love you have never experienced before. But with this overwhelming love comes another emotion, almost equally as strong, overwhelming responsibility. It can be easy to feel both ill-prepared and buried in the responsibility of trying to do everything “right”. Maybe the greatest struggle, with children from infancy throughout childhood, is sleep.

Sleep Myth #1: Teething Always Disrupts a Baby’s Sleep

I can’t recall the number of times I have heard parents blaming teething for their baby’s sleep disruptions; there have been so many cases. Yes, teething can be painful and cause nighttime wakenings. However, teething is rarely a routine buster. Teething can definitively interfere with your baby’s sleep, but far less than what you probably anticipate or believe.

Why Does My Child Wake Up So Early ?

Good quality sleep is necessary for everyone, from children to adults. Sleeping helps us function well, physically and mentally. No parent loves to wake up early and listen to the sound of their little one crying. In such a case, you may be likely to think nostalgically about the lazy mornings you enjoyed before your child was born. I know you really want to find a way to delay the wake up time. The good news is that solutions exist but you must be patient and consistent!